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Winter Safety Tips From AutoZone; Winter Driving Safety Kit

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Winter weather can challenge even the most experienced driver, making for hazardous and stress- filled traveling conditions. Snow, sleet and freezing rain often come quickly and unexpectedly, making it essential for drivers to prepare in advance for inclement weather. In addition, the colder weather puts additional strain on critical systems in vehicles.

With the potential for a harsh winter ahead, now is the time to create a winter driving safety kit. AutoZone (NYSE: AZO), the largest auto parts retailer in the country, recommends that every driver consider carrying the following items in their vehicle:

  • Ice scraper and windshield de-icer -- Seeing clearly is critical for safety, and your heater and defroster may not be enough to clear ice and snow off your windows. A good ice scraper and windshield de-icer can clear off thick ice and help keep it off.

  • Wiper Blades -- Snow and ice easily damage or destroy the wiping surface of a wiper blade, making vision difficult and travel treacherous. Carrying a spare set of blades, and changing them at least every six months, is simple insurance that you can always see clearly.

  • Battery booster pack -- Cold weather puts an enormous strain on your battery. If your battery can't take the cold, or you accidentally drain the battery, a portable battery booster pack can help get you going. The pack is compact, rechargeable and can be used anywhere, anytime to boost a dead battery.

  • Oil absorbent or kitty litter -- No matter how many wheels drive your vehicle, if none of them have traction, you can easily become stuck. By spreading oil absorbent or kitty litter around your vehicle's tires, you provide instant traction on slick, icy roads.

  • Fuel system antifreeze -- Built-up moisture in your car's fuel lines can freeze in cold weather, leaving you stranded. Keep moisture out of your car's fuel system by regularly pouring fuel system antifreeze into your fuel tank.

  • Blankets and other essentials -- No matter how many precautions you take, you could still be stranded in winter weather. Protect yourself by putting old blankets in your car. Also, carry warm clothing, flashlights and flares.

By carrying some or all of these items, winter motoring can be safer and more enjoyable. For more information on preparing your car for winter weather, visit your local AutoZone store.

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